• How to design a minimalist house

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    What is minimalism?

    Subdued, simple, understated, these are the words people associate with the word Minimalism. Modern interior designers from across the globe are advocating minimalist home design ideas and themes to their clients. If you are intrigued by Scandinavian design that focus on light weight spaces, furniture with clean lines, and monochromatic palettes then the concept of a minimalistic living space might appeal to you.

    How to create a minimalist home environment

    It is a myth that a minimalist home has stark cold interiors and you will have to live with bare walls, just a chair for furniture, and a minimum to no décor. The truth is minimalist homes can have a livable aesthetic and can be warm and inviting too. Are you ready to give modern minimalist interior design style a try? Here are four ways you can create chic interiors minus the visual clutter.

    1. Modern minimalist furniture: The living room might need a couch, a coffee table, an arm chair or love seat and a TV cabinet. Choose only the most essential pieces of furniture you need for each room. Make sure to pick beautiful furniture that is comfortable and practical. Avoid bulky faux leather sofas or upholstery with too many floral, checkered or other complex patterns. Intrinsically carved or ornate furniture are also not very minimalist but if you absolutely must have one, choose a hero piece in a solid color that blends well with the other furniture in your home.

    2. Minimal clash of color: The concept of minimalism leans toward bare walls in spectrum of grays, neutral shades of white, cream, beige etc. Earthy colors such as greens, blues, and subtle taupe’s also fall under minimalist colors. You can choose to create an accent wall with any of these colors but, make sure not to hang too many wall art. Muted pops of pigment in red, orange, blue or yellow can add a splash of energy to a subdued room. You can place cleverly styled vignettes, delicately balanced still life, intriguing curios etc., in hues that complement the wall paint and the furnishings in the room.

    3. Functional spaces: The kitchen, living room and bedroom tend to get the most traffic. The kitchen and the living room are places where the family convenes and spends time with each other and the bedroom becomes each person’s private sanctuary. To get the maximum use of these spaces, you need to keep the décor and furniture minimal yet functional. Prioritize on adequate light and ventilation. The floor areas must be free of clutter to create a sense of space and give you the freedom to move around freely. You can personalize the spaces and add character to each room with nice art works or accent pieces.

    4. Edit and Eliminate: Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore suggest identifying, segregating, donating or trashing all the unnecessary stuff you have accumulated over the years. Keep nothing you don’t love or have no use for. This way, your living space will only have the things that you truly care for and value.

    Touche Studio – Your guide to a minimalist house

    For many, minimalism is a way of life where they believe in the less-is-more aesthetic and make conscious choices for a sustainable living.  A home is an extension of oneself. Do you wish to create a minimalist home interior that truly reflects your lifestyle? At Touche Studio we specialize in building minimalist yet luxurious houses that are easy on your eyes (read minimal visual distraction) and your life. We have created some of the best home interiors in Bangalore for clients whose brief read “tranquil, calm home environment”. Our interior designers in HSR layout can simplify the complicated for you. To know more about our modern minimalist house design offerings visit https://touche-studio.com/services/2/

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