• Listing the Top 6 Charming Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Sweet Home

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    You cannot deny the fact that lighting is a paramount factor, unlike the other regular elements of interior designing. The lighting and shades that we use in our rooms will radiate a sense of comfort and coziness, yet also gives a dramatic atmosphere to our living area. Moreover, it is proven that comfortable lighting is beneficial for the psychological health of people and even helps relieve the symptoms of clinical depression.

    The 6 Transformational Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

    The notion of installing good lighting will change and drastically transform our entire space. For our context, let’s take the bedroom. One of the key locations of your home, where we not only nap or relax but sometimes, we even work and be productive. For those cases, there a few unique bedroom lighting ideas, that besides providing sufficient glow, can even change the appearance of your walls and home; and here you go:

    1.Table Lamp:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    Conventional yet convenient, table lamps can never fail our lighting expectations. They just illuminate the place it is kept quite aesthetically. Today’s modern interior designers have the potential to personalize a table lamp, both for an ideal work setup or for an intimate romantic look, acting as the perfect decorative element for your bedroom.

    2. Recessed Light:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    If you wish to improve your room’s lighting much more vibrantly, then go with the recessed lights. They are the lights for the bedroom ceiling, which gives you the perk of a broader coverage area. Nowadays, commercial forms of IC-rated recessed lights are available, which ensures no overheating concerns in the long run.

    3. Floor Lamp:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    To transform your modern home into a classic vintage, choosing the chic floor lamp is your ultimate idea. Floor lamps are the key aspect sources of room decor that can also be re-engineered as task lighting, directional lighting, or ambient lighting. It is recommended that these lightings are great for a soft and silky bed texture.

    4. Pendant Light:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    Also, referred to as the suspenders or drops, a pendant light fixture, as the name says, appears as if a glow of light is falling over you from the roof. These are exotic lights that are best suited for a dark-colored wall. Just keep in mind that the pendants must be placed high enough, for you to allow an unobstructed view when sitting or standing.

    5. Task Light:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    Here is where the role of the best interior designers in Bangalore come; you would need a custom task light for purposes such as;

    1. Overtime working, especially at nights or for dark rooms.
    2. Habitual book or newspaper reading.
    3. Applying your makeup precisely.

    And for these cases, only a beautiful task light can do the job precisely. As a fact, this form of lighting is made with LED (light-emitting diodes), hence less aggressive on the retinas.

    6. Accent Light:

    Ideas for Your Bedroom

    Did you know that accent lights are 3 times brighter than the ambient lights? And yes, they are purposefully used to highlight specific points in your bedroom. So, if you have beautiful artwork or a trendy piece of sculpture, then use the accent light to draw attention to that object.

    Adding on to all the stated, you can emit a glamorous halo effect by trying the backlighting or uplighting effect with the lightings.


    We saw some of the vibrant, trendy, and classic bedroom lighting tips for your home that includes making use of task lights, floor lamps, accent lamps, recessed lights, table lamps, and pendant lights. Regardless of which type of lighting you choose, ensure to choose upon the size and color of the same, for turning your home much more aesthetic!


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