The Fun And Trendy Bathroom Remodelling Ideas For 2021 You Need To Know About

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It can be fun to remodel your bathroom/s! Happy times don’t just happen in restaurants and parks, they can happen right in your bathroom. As any interior designer in HSR Layout will tell you, your bathroom can be your piece of heaven and the right changes can make it a space you will love coming to every day!

Having said that, some of the fun and trendy bathroom remodelling ideas that are popular in 2021 are revealed just for you.

Trend #1: The Floating Vanity

This is a space-saving storage solution that is one of the top bathroom design ideas people are loving. These can be great because they can come with an assortment of features such as a storage base, sink, and even a countertop. Such a floating vanity can be open or closed and offers cleanliness and neatness.

Trend #2: Go Black

If you choose the best interior design company in Bangalore, you will be given the option of going black with your bathroom. Why? Because it is one of the bathroom design trends people are loving this year! The fixtures in the bathroom cab get black accents which will make them look grand. If you are ready to bring more boldness to your home, then going black can be a fun idea.

Trend #3: Larger Wall Tiles

One of the other trends that an interior design company in Bangalore will tell you about is the larger wall tiles. Smaller mosaic tiles are out of fashion and it is time to go for larger. It will certainly make your bathroom stand out.

Trend #4: Gold Is A Special Colour

Another of the bathroom decor ideas and trends going around is to go gold. Indians love their gold and now it translates to having it in abundance in their houses as well. Having accents of gold in the form of golden or brass colours is a great idea and gives your bathroom a luxurious look and a sense of opulence.

Trend #5: Soaking Tubs

If relaxation is on your mind given the pandemic, then get your interior designer in HSR Layout to install a soaking tub. It will give you space to relax and read a book or listen to music.

Trend #6: More Wood Accents

If warmth is something you love about modern small bathroom ideas, then adding more wood accents will keep you trendy!

Trend #7: Using Durable Paint

This year, people are loving bathroom remodel ideas that help with maintenance. As such, durable paint which helps keep your bathroom cleaner for a longer time is a great idea!

Trend #8: Quartz Countertops

Get your interior design company in Bangalore to install a quartz countertop in your bathroom for a fun and new look.

Trend #9: Compact Storage 

If you are a neat freak, ask your interior designer in HSR Layout to give you compact storage, this will make your bathroom look neat and just the way you like it.

When it comes to bathroom design trends in 2021, you will not go wrong if you were to choose any or a few of the above. All these are great ideas and will do a lot to up your bathroom game very much. Touché Studio is a well-known interior design company in Bangalore that is known for the high-quality understated luxury bathroom remodelling projects they do. Get in touch with them to have the professional expertise to help you get your remodelling project done perfectly.

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