• Top 5 Trends of Kitchen Interior Design in 2021

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    newest kitchen trends of 2021

    Innovative interior design can transform a space completely. An ordinary home kitchen can feel clean, aesthetic, organized and professional with the help of some simple interior design tricks. Good interior designers don’t just create generic kitchen spaces; they also customize the space according to the specific requirements of a client.

    Touche Studio is one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore that employs some of the finest interior designers of India to create kitchens that fit the needs of Indian households while also incorporating all the top modern kitchen trends.

    Here is a list of the newest kitchen trends of 2021:


    1. Use Natural Material

    Use Natural Material

    Using the right material is essential to bring out the best of any interior space. In order to achieve this, designers at Touche Studio use natural materials like wood, cotton, jute, hemp, onyx stone and leather as design elements in their kitchen plans. Natural materials make space feel more minimalistic while also holding on to all functionality features. These materials are also more eco-friendly and better for the health of clients who will have years of exposure to the materials.

    2. Add a Touch of Colour to Your Kitchen

    Add a Touch of Colour to Your Kitchen

    Colour choice is essential to the aesthetics of every kitchen. A pop of colour on a kitchen wall or on the kitchen cabinet can add a lot of personality and excitement to a simple kitchen design. Clients can choose their own favourite colour and texture to brighten up their kitchen.

    3. Be Creative with Open Shelves

    modern kitchen trends

    We usually imagine kitchens as these boring rooms full of cabinets and shelves for the pantry and dishes. If you are tired of these same old kitchens and want some new kitchen design ideas, then our designers at Touche Studio are the perfect fit for you. They use open shelve cabinets with interesting shapes that fit large amounts of storage while also creating interesting visual elements. Open shelving makes even a small kitchen feel more extensive and more breathable. Open shelving also makes it easier to use the kitchen as all items are very easily accessible.

    4. Pendant Light Equipment for Your Kitchen

    Modern Kitchen

    Every room in the house needs one statement piece, and the kitchen is no exception. Hanging a pendant light with a modern, minimalist look can be the perfect accessory to spruce up a kitchen space without losing any functional space. Good lighting will also make sure that all the design elements of the kitchen will appear more eye-catching.

    5. Incorporate Intelligent Storage Solution

    modern kitchen

    The biggest issue for most people in their kitchen is a lack of adequate storage space. In order to solve this problem, our designers fit the client’s kitchens with intelligent, modular storage solutions. These ensure that every single inch of space is utilized effectively, but the design still remains modern and aesthetic. Intelligent storage also keeps a kitchen more organized and helps avoid clutter on the kitchen counter.


    Everyone has different personal aesthetic tastes and sensibilities. It is essential for interior designers to understand a client’s vision and then help bring it to life. A kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in most households. The interior design of the kitchen plays a significant role in the overall atmosphere of the home.

    So, if you are a resident of Bangalore and are looking for a design firm to decorate your kitchen, then look no further than Touche Studio, the best interior design company in Bangalore. At Touche Studio, our professional offer kitchen solutions which are a perfect blend between modern innovative home technologies and classic elegance. Touche Studio kitchens will ensure that your kitchen will be the envy of all your friends.


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