• Vastu Tips for Your Home Interior to Boost the Positive Energy of Your House

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    Vastu Shastra is a way of living and embracing all things good into your life through simple rules and tips. If followed properly, Vastu shastra can bring a positive impact on the life of the residents of a house.

    So, let us find out how to boost positive energy inside your house.

    Avoid Black As Much As You Can

    home interior

    Black is best avoided for your home interior. Black signifies a lack of confidence and hope and also increases the feeling of grief and dullness.

    Therefore it is not the best colour when it comes to painting your walls, furniture or kitchen tiles. Everything about your room should feel and look bright and happy to be able to attract positive vibes.

    East-facing Study Room

    Home interior

    East direction is the side of the rising sun. therefore, it is the best place for your reading, office or study room inside the house. It is considered sacred according to Vastu shastra as it is known to bring prosperity and positive vibes. This direction boosts the mental capacity of students and people who are into a profession that requires daily practice and research work.

    Also, keep in mind that the study room should be tidy and organized so that the positive vibe can enter without any obstructions.

    Never Sleep in The North Direction

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    The two best directions to sleep are the South and East. if the position of your bedroom is in such a way that you cannot sleep in either of these two directions, west is the next choice you have. But never sleep in the north direction.

    Due to Earth’s magnetic pull in the other hemisphere, people should not sleep facing north. Sleeping with your head in the north direction will affect your sleep, mental stress and exhaustion which in turn will deteriorate your overall health.

    Avoid Dim Lights for Interior

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    Although decorative ambient lights look magical in the house interior, one should avoid dim lights inside the house. Lights have a lot to do with positive energy and good vibes for your house. Therefore you must choose lights properly to attract good vibes and not negative effects.

    Use lights that will not give out harsh and glaring effects. Soothing, yet bright lights are the best choice for Vastu compliant homes. Always talk to a professional interior design firm in Bangalore before you redecorate your home with lighting.

    Tidy & Decluttered North-east Corner

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    The Northeast corner of the house needs special mention as it is the place of wisdom, positivity, luck and clarity of mind. Therefore Vastu strictly states to keep the north-east part or corner of the house absolutely tidy and decluttered. This direction of the house is best for the prayer, puja or yoga room.

    A poorly lit, gloomy, dusty and untidy northeast room or corner will only block all the good things of your life, keeping you away from your goal.

    Proper Place of a Mirror

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    A mirror should never be placed on the north or east side. Also, avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom. Even if you have a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it does not face your bed. For positive vibes and fruitful energies place the mirror in the north direction.

    Keep Dirty Mops Away From Sight

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    Any type of domestic contrivances should be removed from your vision. Keeping dirty mop or brooms in sight will only have a negative impact on your health and mind.

    No expired food and Beverages

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    Anything spoiled, unwanted or rotten should be removed from the house to allow positive energy to flow inside. Foul-smelling food items or expired beverages should be discarded immediately to remove obstacles and negative effects.

    Your house interior is your temple that needs care, love and a little Vastu help. To know more about Vastu compliant interior tips, consult with our experts at Touche Studio, the best interior design company in Bangalore.


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